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The Gospel of Magnum PR: McGruff 2: The Wrath of Vick

December 13, 2015

Not only does McGruff need a movie…he needs a trilogy! This sequel goes back about 10 years to 2007. Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennelz was peaking in business and then FBI Agent and Favorite Pupil of McGruff Timothy McDonald enlists his former mentor’s help to take down Vick’s dogfighting ring. 

McGruff is on a personal vendetta since due to dogfighting, many of his fellow brethren was sold into slavery as dogfighters. As such, many have died. He is considered the last of his kind. He’s warned not to let his emotions to take over as Vick is the cog in the puzzle they need to breakdown this cruel sport across the nation.

Timmy would “sell” McGruff to Vick so Timmy will investigate the paperwork while McGruff investigates the operations of the ring. While McGruff fights his way up the ranks, he arranged for his defeated opponents to fake their deaths with APSCA’s help to get them out.

As Timmy searches the paperwork and databases in Vick’s office, he becomes concerned as he sees classified documents about genetic experiments performed by a government-endorsed agency whose name has been blacked out. It eventually leads him to an underground laboratory that has clones of not only McGruff, but other anthropomorphic dogs as well.

As McGruff gets to the top of the dogfighting chain, he rendezvous with Timmy as they feel they have enough to arrest Vick and shutdown his ring. As McGruff tells the authorities their conclusion from their findings as well as requests for reinforcements, Timmy shows McGruff the labs. McGruff is horrified and angered with what he sees, he tells Timmy to wait for the reinforcements to arrive as he handles Vick himself. 

McGruff barges into Vick’s personal quarters and demands all leave him and Vick alone. He grabs Vick by the neck and throws him across the room, against the wall. McGruff reveals to Vick his true identity as well as Timmy’s to inform him of their undercover sting. Vick and McGruff battle it out in an Epic Fight Scene as they are equally matched.

Vick is finally defeated when McGruff pulled out the original copy of Madden ’04 as Vick drops to the ground in incredible pain, holding on to his leg. Vick taunts McGruff to kill to justify his lust for revenge but McGruff show mercy as he wishes for Vick to receive judgement and atone for his sins. 

McGruff drags Vick to Timmy in cuffs as Timmy tells him the reinforcements are here. Vick begins to chuckle at the two. This starts a key conversation that reveals they were set up, a conspiracy unearthed that links this movie to the third and final film. 

McGruff: What’s so funny, Vick?

Timmy: Yeah, soon the FBI, DEA, ATF, with state and local authorities will be here to end your operation.

Vick: *laughs* You think it’s that clear & cut?

McGruff: Ah, you think the “Celebrity Card” is gonna either get you out of this or get you a trip to Club Fed.

Vick: You told “Them” about those documents and my labs didn’t you?

Timmy: Of course we did! We aren’t letting you off the hook. They’ll throw the book at you! Those were top secret files and operations that you had illegal access to! 

Vick: And you think once you told them, they’ll send those authorities and have this leaked all over the press? Hell No!

McGruff: *Looks out the window* That’s Spec Ops! They must be here to clean up, stage it as just dogfighting rings as well as making it look like his cousin threw parties with illegal drugs here. That’s what you want us to believe, right?

Vick: They’re “government sponsored” but not our government’s forces though.

Timmy: Then who?

Vick: I’m not at liberty to say, too soon…..but you two will find out eventually. 

McGruff: Tell that to the authorities. 

As Vick predicted, a spec ops team came in and escorted the three out of the compound. They destroyed the documents and labs as they made it look like it was a regular drug bust and they just happened to find a dogfighting ring exposed. These crews would also be similar to the cleanup crews McGruff saw Procter & Gamble used in the first movie. When McGruff and Timmy attempt to pry for information, they were told to drop as National Security depended on it. 

The last scene of the movie is where Timmy & McGruff part ways. Timmy tells McGruff farewell and encourages him to live his life as always, not to worry about the cover up. Timmy intends to dig deeper into these workings and exposes it, which cliff hangs into the third and final film. 






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