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The Gospel of Magnum PR: Random Musings

May 16, 2015

You know that State Farm commercial where all these Elvis Impersonators summons their State Farm Agents? I think it would be hilarious if they made a version of Highlander with the Impersonators killing each other to be the Supreme Elivs Impersonator.

They need to bring back Black Cherry Vanilla Coke but also make it for Coke Zero as well.

When I was riding my bicycle today, it shocks and saddens how much Missouri State Campus has changed. Granted, it’s good the slum houses are torn down but it’s weird seeing all those high-rise apartments.

This is will be extended into either a longer post or a YouTube video blog, but Star Wars, in my opinion is better than Star Trek. I like both, but I like Star Wars for the fantasy aspect. Yes, Star Trek has a lot of realistic features that inspired a lot of today’s technology, but it’s similar to what literary fiction is. I feel that when you get into the fantasy, you need to be moved away to a different but awesome world.

So Tom Brady gets suspended 4 games for being involved in deflating footballs. You know what would’ve helped? Not being a dick and complying with the investigation. Also, why would Indy whine about that? The theory behind deflated footballs is that they have a tighter grip in cold weather games, improving QB play. So…if that’s case…then wouldn’t Andrew Luck’s game improve too? They’re basically saying he’s a shitty qb.

You know what is a gift from God? Osceola Cheese. One day back in 1944, they prayed for an awesome cheese shop. So a choir of Seraphic Angels came down from Heaven and laid down Osceola Cheese Company while singing beautifully in Gregorian chants.

People hate Wal-Mart for their shrewd business tactics and the way they take over businesses but ya know what? At least they’re honest assholes about it!

So Bruce Jenner is a champion for Transgender rights? If that’s the case, why wait so long to come out with it? Also, why wait til you get 2 highly promoted television specials to talk about it? Maybe I’m being an overly-skeptical asshole, but I see this as an opportunity for him and his clan of fame whores to get even more attention to themselves.

That’s all I got for now!


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