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The Internet is boring now.

April 29, 2015

There, I said it. The internet is great to make bill payments and makes life for convenient, but in terms of entertainment and social interaction, it blows.

When people think of Social Networking, they mainly think of Facebook and Twitter, but this concept has been around since the internet was first made available to the public in 1993.

When websites such as Yahoo and MSN first popper up, they had group pages you could either join or create a group that fit your interests as well as chatrooms to meet people all over the world. To start a website, all you had to do was create an account with website servers such as Geocities and create your personal website.

Chat rooms and chat programs like mIRC, ICQ, MSN, etc. were also great places to meet people form all over. The best part about it? It was a great escape for people who were considered outcasts or didn’t conform with their real-life environments.

I first started using the internet back in 1996, it was the most coolest thing in the world. You were connected to this massive realm full of information. You wanted to find something entertaining, just type it in and you can find a ton of websites to check out. Before Google, there was Infoseek, the original kickass search engine. Yahoo was around too as well as Internet Explorer, but the king of the browsers was Netscape.

When I started dwelving deeper into the social networking aspect back the Summer of 2001, before my freshmen year at SMSU (Now Missouri State). I just went into an MSN room and met a bunch of interesting people. It also helps when my friends gave me their contact lists to talk to some people they met as well. It was great meeting all various sorts of people without that awkward face to face confrontation. No judging me because I thought differently, I didn’t conform, because my family was poor and didn’t fly with the town, etc.

Soon after getting in college, I also started getting involved in various forums, MSN group pages, and Yahoo group pages. I also went to website-based chatrooms for certain bands and other stuff I like. I got invited to a few group pages too. It was pretty neat.

Then I ended up at Outpost10f and while I ran into quite a bit of stuck up douchebags, it was very neat place and once again, I met some interesting people that I still talk to this day. I ruffled a few feathers and settled in a smaller chat and it was decent, until 2006.

2006 was the rise of Facebook and Myspace. They’ve been around,but they didn’t pick up any steam yet. Facebook was just for college students, which was probably the only time it was neat. It was cool to have a place to keep in touch with old college friends.

Google was more than just a search engine now. YouTube was on the rise before it got bought by Google. MySpace and Facebook were growing in popularity and social groups on Google, Yahoo,and MSN were becoming filled with more bots than people. The same was happening to the chatrooms. Websites you could randomly find by word of mouth or searching for it became difficult was YouTube was becoming the main source of entertainment.

By the end of 2006, even the biggest chatrooms were on life support and most of the social interaction took place on Facebook and Myspace. Myspace at least was neat in that you can customize it to whatever you want to have on it.

Then sometime in 2007-2008, Facebook started playing dirty and took a lot of the stuff that made MySpace popular and incorporated them into their website. They also opened the floodgates to the general public by making Facebook available to everybody. Nothing says advancement like dumbing down the material where Joe Dumbass could use it. Myspace fell and got overran by the bots and there was just Facebook. Sure, Twitter emerged but not only it does it have a character limit, it’s too complicated for idiots on Facebook to use.

Facebook was started up by a hack from Harvard who got into some deep shit for hacking into their private directory and use it as the foundation of his social networking site. He would also screw his co-founders out of the company. It is a publicly traded company which means it answer to shareholders. Their revenue is made from mostly ad revenue and selling its users information to third parties so they can shove spam down their throats.

What was once a place for outcasts to call home, it is now a place where outcasts and non-conformists are often ignored or bullied because they are different.

The “proper” form of communication now is share and like photos and memes because people are too lazy and stupid to come up with an original thought of their own. You can’t make clever jokes because you have to explain to these dumbasses the joke step-by-step and have to let them know you are making a joke because they lack the brain cell capacity to understand satire without the body language and vocal tone.

Basically, Facebook sucks.

The only form of entertainment you can find these days is either on Newgrounds or on YouTube since in order to be relevant on the internet to get any kind of traffic, you have to be a part of either Facebook, Google, or Twitter. To get people to view your material, you have to upload it to YouTube.

While I’m liking YouTube for the mass amount of original content it now has as well as plenty of nerdy nostalgia such as retro TV commericals or old TV signoffs, the old days of the Internet were much better.


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