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Action-Based RPGs….

…..doesn’t mean you can’t have variety and customization.

Oh look! A non-whiney, political entry. This idea been on my mind since throwing myself into the latest entry of Final Fantasy, XV. While I enjoy the game, the magic system could be improved to allow for a greater range, variety, and customization of spells.

You could have a spell system of up to 16 spells that can be equipped. You could also set it up to use various weapons, combat styles, and non-magic skills in battle. This could work with the Xbox One/Xbox One X and the Playstation 4 or 5 controllers. For example, you could hold down the R1&R2 (RB & RT for Xbox) to access the different combat modes to be selected by the right joystick:

Blog Example 1

Melee would be your body as a weapon, close would be your conventional hand weapons like a sword or flail, and long would be your pistols or sniper rifles. Magic could be long range or close range. You could choose to embed the physical combat with magic. Example would be Fire punch, ice slash, lightning shot, warp strike, etc.

Another option could be that proficiency and critical strike in weapons and magic will be increase the more times they are used.

I like how in XV, you hold down the LB & LT for Xbox One/One X (L1 & L2 for PS4/5) with the D-pad. You could use the left joystick instead and be able to choose between 9 characters in battle, like this:

Blog Example 2


I also think it should be modified to use outside of battle, such as unlocking certain areas, completing various puzzles or speaking to certain Non-Playable Characters using the characters unique traits.

Just a nifty idea I had in my head that should expand to more posts as I come up with a story and characters with this battle system. Thanks for reading.


The Force Awakens laid the foundations….

……and The Last Jedi took that foundation for a new trilogy and destroyed it.

I read and heard about the fans divisive reactions to this movie and I was interested to watch it with an open mind.

It was shit with gold nuggets in it.

This movie was basically the Batman vs. Superman of the Star Wars franchise fused with SJW propaganda.

The foundation that Force Awakens set, the evil First Order, the rise of the Resistance after the fall of the Republic, the core characters of Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron,and Rey, was destroyed.

Instead of focusing, advancing, and making their core characters, they ham-fisted characters such as Adminral Holdo and Rose, with no backstory, no introduction, no development.

The First Orders not only looked like incompetent morons when they sent their two flagships after the last of the Resistance (more on them later) that had ALL THEIR SENIOR MANAGEMENT AND KEY MILITARY PERSONNEL (guess they didn’t learn the Empire’s mistakes from Return of The Jedi huh?) on board, they appeared to support the free market when they reveal at the cheap looking Space Las Vegas that rich folks sell arms to the First Order cause that shows their greed. They PURCHASED their weapons unlike the Galactic Empire, who TOOK IT BY FORCE.

The path of Finn from cowardly stormtrooper to faithful troop of The Resistance sent him back to be a bumbling coward. He had a chance of completing his path to redemption to stop the mini Death Star when Rose “saved him” from making a pointless sacrifice.

They did nothing with Rey except giving her more abilities and powers with no training, no progression in her path with The Force and while I like how they made her a normal person with deadbeat parents, it was just terrible character development.

They made Poe, possibly the best character to emerge from The Force Awakens, completely irrelevant when he decided it was worth the risk to blow up one of the First Order flagships that would’ve wipe out the Resistance quicker.

Speaking of the Resistance, I find it pretty stupid that they were almost wiped out and no one to help them when THEY BLEW UP THE STARKILLER BASE from Force Awakens. Usually when you take out the enemy’s biggest base, that tends to spread like wildfire across the galaxy and inspire more to join their ranks, instead of the exact opposite.

They made Luke Skywalker a cranky old man who couldn’t finish the job of killing Kylo Ren that did nothing to make Rey this great force warrior. I like the idea of wiping out both the Jedi and Sith to make the Force truly at balance. I like how Luke called out the Jedi Order for letting Sidious rise to power and creating Darth Vader, but then again, they ruin the buildup and excitement for it by cutting to a boring scene in Space Las Vegas.

Yes, that little Casino planet that looked more like Las Vegas than anything else. Nothing spacey or special about it. More ham-fisting Rose down our throats because we gotta have a fat Asian chick to be progressive and politically correct! Yes, that sounds terrible but that’s what I felt with her character. She didn’t seem natural and didn’t flow with the story, it felt like her sole purpose there was to make the band of rebels more diverse.

I also didn’t think it was possible to hate Kylo Ren more but it was with this movie. He was off to a bad start and just a whiny jerk. He was more of the same and his bursts of Sith Rage are him smashing his helmet into the wall. When Vader got mad, he took out his subordinates with force chokes. They did nothing with Kylo Ren to develop his character.

Supreme Leader Snoke is a joke. His throne room was very cheesy looking, I’ve seen better lairs in the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He’s supposed to be this all powerful Sith Lord yet had no clue that Kylo Ren was about to use Rey’s lightsaber on him.

Then there was Holdo’s sudden turn of being a cowardly leader to risk her life to save the resistance in one scene near the end of the movie which also was a game-changing event in space warfare. She used hyperdrive as a weapon to tear apart Snoke’s flagship, leaving a doofus ginger and crybaby punk in charge of the First Order. This means that space fleets are obsolete since one of my friends pointed out you can make a fleet of drones that can go into hyperdrive and devastate vast numbers of fleets, while cool looking, completely goes unnoticed to the storyteller.

This movie has some good parts, but the good parts lose their spark in the pace and flow errors, lack of story, lack of plot, too many new characters that have no development, the established characters have no development and become irrelevant and useless, the massive SJW, Regressive Left agenda in this movie.

Hell, this movie makes the prequels look good, and they are total shit. However, at least there was some kind of story going on. This movie has done a lot to damage Star Wars reputation.  I know it was critically praised and made a lot of money, though I find it funny it got so much praise when it shares a lot in common with Batman vs. Superman, but this movie is just awful.

If you care about it’s progressive agenda, you’ll like this movie. If you like the cool action scenes and don’t care about anything else, you’ll like this movie. If you love Star Wars, you’ll like it just because it’s Star Wars. But if you wanted a decent story with good pacing and flow, a good plot with further development in established characters and proper introduction of new characters, this is not the movie for you.

I’m not one of those Star Wars fans that want everything to be the same, I like changed. I just want a decent movie with a good story and good characters. Like The Force Awakens. Good Luck with Episode IX JJ Abrams, you’ll need it.

Thanks for reading.

Being a Christian…

……doesn’t mean you’re perfect.

I am a Christian. Though let me be the first to tell you that I’m a piece shit. Not that I’m down on myself, I know my self-worth without the blood sacrifice by Jesus Christ, which is zero. Only God has given me the ability and opportunity to be the person I am today.

Does this mean I’m gonna cherry-pick bible verses and throw them at people I don’t like? No, I must stay humble and refrain from judging and try my best to be a good person.

Do I wish I read the Bible more? Sure! But I’m not gonna hold it over other Christians when I do. There are times I seek the Bible for times in my life I need Godly advice.

I suppose I should point out my denomination. I don’t have one. Sure, I attend a Southern Baptist church, but the only denomination I consider myself is Christian. As far I am concerned, if you follow the Bible, believe in the Holy Trinity, and try to be a good and humble person, you’re a servant of God in my book.

Does this mean I’m gonna come at people who sin or embodied in sin aka LGBT? No, Since I am of sin, I cannot judge, or at least try not to. A little something Christians tend to forget. My view is that if you purposely sin or allow yourself to be drawn into sin, that is between you and God. I will be civil, polite, and tolerant. No matter what.

My advice on following God, don’t let other people tell you when or how to follow. That is entirely up to you. When you are ready to be a servant of God, you will know. But if you feel you need to go to Church, I recommend going to a church that suits you. If you go to a church that you feel out-of-place at, it will be harder to take that path to be saved.

Finally, there are plenty of times to turn the other cheek and whether the storm. As a Christian, we must try our best not to lash out and pass the tests God puts us through. However, there will be times to stand up for yourself and you will know when those times come, not when a rally is happened. Just remember when you walk with God, but your life in his hands and give it all to him. You will be complete and life will go so much smoother.

That’s all I got for now. Thanks for listening to me and God Bless.

Not picking a side….

…..doesn’t make you weak.

Whether it be politics, religion, or something trivial as nerd debate, we’re often told that if we don’t pick a popular, established side, we’re considered weak and lack confidence.

I believe that if you aren’t one of these people who don’t pick a side or prefer an unique opinion that attempts to benefit all parties involved, you’re an unique individual who has enough self-confidence and willpower to form their own opinion against the norm. Of course these days it’s hard to express that view from the those who have picked sides, while not as delicate or unique, definitely make it loud and clear that their view is superior.

It’s important to look at all sides of the story before gathering your opinion or making a decision. By being influence by one side, it will appear you are close-minded and not open to compromise and cooperation.

Compromise and cooperation, the big C words that people hate. People hate them because it means they have to get off their high horse and actually communicate with people who get them out of their comfort zone. It’s also due to fear that they just might be wrong and might agree with others more than they ever thought they would.

I think if more people had this mindset, a lot of the issues plaguing America and the World itself could be solved if we all could sit down, talk in person, and work together.

This is a long-winded way of me saying I’m an independent moderate. I have some views on the left, some views on the right, some authoritarian views, and some libertarian views. I don’t follow any political parties because I don’t like having to stick with a side that only has a certain view that isn’t open to ideas outside their scope.

What I find difficult to understand is that people make everyday decisions by being able to look at all sides of the situation but when it comes certain issues or fandoms they hold dear, it’s either one way or the other with no compromise or cooperation.

I plan showing examples of my mindset on various issues and trying to meet the goal I had in mind when I wiped the dust off this blog.

Thanks for reading and  your patience.

Remember the Alamo.

The 1st Amendment….

….does not give you a free pass to say whatever you want with protection from the consequences.

I’m going to give a breakdown of the 1st Amendment and what it’s supposed to do as well give my two cents on what it should represent. This will be the first of many posts on the United States Constitution as many people feel that certain amendments gives them as I mentioned earlier, a free pass.

Here’s what the 1st Amendment says:

 “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

While the phrase “Separation of Church and State” is not in the Constitution, the Establishment Clause make it clear, the Government must remain neutral when it comes to religion or non-religion.

You have probably heard from the Christian Right (I’m a Christian myself, but more on that another time, it’s complicated) that America was, is, and always will be a Christian nation. Sure, our nation was definitely founded on Judea-Christian principles by descendants of people who escaped religious persecution from state-sanctioned religion, but it was not established as a Christian nation. If it were, then why make an establishment clause and go into great detail about Separation of Church and State in the Federalist Papers?

Prayer in private and home schools is ok because they’re not funded by public funds. Prayer in public schools is not ok since they receive public funds, which would make it appear that the state sponsors a certain religion. However, I would argue that if an off-school hours event is held on public school property not promoted or ran by the school itself is ok since they are simply allowing the people in charge a proper venue.

Sometimes the government allows certain religious events and gives reasonable exceptions to certain laws, but that is not establishing a state-sanctioned religion, that is keeping a free market of religion. Though, I believe that using religion to start banks, medical facilities, universities, anything non-related to following their religious beliefs should not be protected and should be subject to regulation and taxation.

Also, exercising your right to religious freedom doesn’t give you a free pass to bully, intimidate or oppress people who don’t agree or fit with your religious views. As for Gay Marriage, while gays have the right to marry, the church also has the right to exercise their beliefs. There are plenty of places to get married at that doesn’t require the church. As a side note, if church exercises their beliefs on gay marriage, then they should also go after the government for allowing people to use marriage as a tax-write off and for benefits.

As for the Free Speech clause, you are protected to speak your mind from government intervention, but not from private entities. In layman’s terms, that’s a house, a place of work, or a private social media site like Facebook. For example, if your place of work has a code of conduct that places restrictions of your freedom of speech, as long they are a private-funded place, that’s ok. Your place of employment is obligated to ensure you as an employee have the right to a safe, non-hostile, positive work environment. Although, I don’t agree with their social media policy, as that is outside of work. While they made state where they work at, it is still outside of work.

The freedom of speech clause does protect you from retaliation for using fighting words or to a general and obvious extent, racial slurs. I could go into detail and give examples of what’s ok and not, but to sum it up, if you say something stupid than can easily be taken out of context or with clear intent to offend and start dram, you’re aren’t protected from the possible consequences of your actions.

The same rules also apply to Freedom of The Press, or as we know it today as Big Media. Despite most of the media distorting the facts, pushing their agenda, and absence of morals to maximize their profits, they are protected. Is it right that they’re virtually untouchable are most take advantage of it instead of giving unbiased information based on fact alone? No, but it’s the law and to even consider regulating them is a very dangerous road.

Instead, as information citizens with a clear and open, we must filter out the garbage and determine what is genuine news reporting and an attempt to push an agenda to increase ratings. Once we have completed that, then we can form our own opinions free of bias.

We often see all sorts of music, television, video games, other forms of media that range from family appropriate to a one-way ticket to hell. While government has regulated these various medians to protect “our youth”, I feel it is ultimately up to the parents of the youth to govern what they’re exposed to.

If a parent decides that their child should be exposed to filth in the media, that is your right and duty as a parent to make sure your child is being raised in a loving, nurturing, positive environment. This should be the role of the government. If you decide to have and raise kids, you have ultimately decided to govern, mentor, and shield your children to ensure they become productive members of society. If you don’t like that, don’t have kids. Period.

To wrap it up, the last part of the 1st Amendment is the right to peaceful assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances. Keyword is peaceful. If you are protesting in a peaceful and civil manner, that is ok. Kneeling during the National Anthem in protests is ok. Protesting down a city block is ok. Some may not agree with the message and that is their right, but so is peaceful protest.

However, if you are inciting riots, provoking violence, blocking commerce in private shopping centers, or blocking interstate freeways, you are no longer in peaceful protest. You are using fear, intimidation, and force to push change. That is terrorism and you have crossed the line to protester to domestic terrorist. In my opinion, this should not be tolerated and must be dealt with swiftly.

So…with that, this was my interpretation of the 1st Amendment. It was a long ramble, but thanks for reading.


Remember the Alamo.



Wiping off the dust and firing up…

….this ol’ blog and getting stuff off my chest.

I’ve been meaning to update a lot more than once in a blue moon, but with work and family, shit happens.

I have a lot on my mind and there isn’t a lot of places to speak it, the better half can only handle so much of my bullshit and I have to watch what I say in the places where they give me money for doing their work, so the internet, or what’s left of it is.

I want this to be something to help ease my stress so I don’t accrue health problems (i.e. heart attack, stress-related problems) or take my aggression out on others (screaming, laying the smackdown, etc.). I also want this to be a place for like-minded, independent, moderate individuals to speak their mind as well….within reason of course.

I feel that if you’re on a specific side of the political spectrum, a group considered a minority, or self-identity with any group or association, you have a place to speak your mind, a place to belong. Those of us that either aren’t affiliated or chose to walk our own unique path often keep our thoughts to ourselves either due to retaliation, offending someone, or all of the above.

I would like to end that. Don’t get wrong, I don’t mind listening to either side, or any group, but it feels like talking to a wall. So to wrap it up, I’m going to try to be more active with this page. So that’s all I got.

Remember the Alamo.

The Greatest McDonald’s Ad. EVER.

So I have an idea for the most controversial, yet awesome McDonald’s ad ever. In case that last sentence didn’t give you a heads up about what’s ahead, let me say this: THIS WILL BE OFFENSIVE AND RISQUE, IF THAT BOTHERS YOU, STOP READING. THANK YOU. 


It’s a series of black screens with white texts accompanied by a female moaning and groaning. The text reads as follows:

“McDonald’s has led overall in quality and sales in the past 5 years (that’s not true, 5 is an excellent number). Even our competitors agree with how awesome our product is. Don’t believe us? Fine. Ask the Wendy’s girl yourself.”

Then the camera pans to a naked Wendy’s Girl (ya know, that hot redhead from the commericals) getting pounded from behind. The camera pans out some more and you see Ronald McDonald in nothing but his red gloves and boots, just tapping her doggie style. He has one hand pulling her long red hair back and the other on her left hip. He’s got this blank stare, ala Nick Cage brutal fight/sex scene in Drive Angry.

He looks down at her and yells, “Oooh, take that Quarter Pounder you bitch!” and slaps her ass. She yells, “Oh yeah, I’m loving it, Ronald Baby! Get that Big Mac deep inside like how daddy puts his Baconator in my ass!” as Grimace stands in the corner and shouts out, “Yeah, Ronald! Pound that shit!” Ronald sings “Ronald’s in that ass” to the “I’m Lovin’ It” tune.

Then, Fry Gurl yells at Ronald to get the Money Shot ready as he puts the Wendy’s girl on her back and yells, “Let me make a Vanilla Milkshake to go with that Quarter Pounder!” as he starts shooting his jizz all over her face. “Oh yeah, gimme that McFlurry cum!” she screams as she licks it off.

The commercial ends with Hamburglar hi-fiving Ronald as the Wendy’s Girl looks into the camera and says, “Ummmm, now THAT’s better.” As the I’m loving it music plays followed by the McDonald’s logo.